Monday, 4 January 2010

The Sexual Philosophy Test

I just took The Sexual Philosophy Test on OkCupid.Com... come one! that test was written FOR me! :)

Here's my result:

You have very little, what are considered to be, socially moral standards. You do not follow traditions or believe that many of the restrictions that are placed on sexual activities or websites are immoral or wrong. Many people do not understand your idea of sex and sexual relations. You are very open minded and open to whatever many come your way. You have a definitive live and let live idea on sex. You probably do not believe that society has a right to dictate what sexual acts are moral or immoral. You would not only own sex toys but have videos the latest in blow up dolls and whatever else you thought would turn you or someone else on. You have little to no restrictions in your sexual nature.

I couldn't agree more, especially to the bolded part; I have a very liberal view on what a couple can be and what is faithfulness in a relationship.


matt said...

heya I am actually interested in the whole sexual realm myself....its pretty interesting if ya ask me. I saw ya from my OKC page glancing at it. Anyhow....nice blog.

'Nelley said...

a sex test?? I'm so gonna try it out. I bet I'm reserved on the outside and a sex kitten on the inside...hopefully. ;)