Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wide load

It feels like the first time, everytime, with that guy.

He's not particularily long down there, average at best. But he's thick. The kind of cock you SEE through his jeans, because you can see the thick bulge that appears near his zipper when he looks at you.

And even if I like it rough, I have to whisper to him to take it easy when he's trying to jam it in there; he's wide. Too wide. He's ripping me appart.

Okay that was silly of me to do, that just got him hornier.

But either way, I enjoy how he stretches me to a point where I feel I'll never be tight again; what a lie. I milk his cock real good and we both cum in harmony a few moments later.

If I had 3 pillow buddies with a similar cock to juggle around my schedule, I'd be an happy slut.


Anonymous said...

If you still have room to fill in your schedule I wouldn't mind filling you..err.. it up ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a boyfriend like that…
I was in tears each times he fucked me but still asking for more.
The best lover I ever had…