Sunday, 11 July 2010

How NOT to win me over.

I've had a number of unpleasant exchanges recently with an handfuls of applicants.

Cause that's how my friends decided to name the guys I'm chatting with. :)

So applicants. I'd say 90% of them have no idea how to talk to a woman. This is sad enough on it's own. But most importantly, they are confusing slutty with easy and dominance with lack of respect.

Ever heard of the princess by day, slut by night phenomenon? That's were I'm at.

I certainly have no desire to invite you in my bedroom at 3 am when I don't know you so you can slap me around and fuck me in to ass. Geez. There are steps to every relationships, even if it's a casual one, and coming in my bedroom in the middle of the night is one you can only get AFTER a good dozen other steps are taken!

I don't do one night stand. I'm a woman living alone so there's no fucking way I'm letting strangers in my appartment.

And ever if we appears compatible sexually, I still need substance. There gotta be a spark, a connection. I have an amazing sense of humour, I want a man who makes me laugh, as well as making me cum. If you freak me out over MSN, don't be surprised when I block you. If you act creepy during our first date, don't be surprised when it's the last one. When you are a real jerk on the phone, don't be surprised I suddenly remember this important other thing I had to do.


SP4M: said...

C'est clair que ça peut porter à confusion par moment à lire ton blogue. C'est juste dommage que ces "candidats" ne savent pas nuancer le tout.

L'Pénis: Nuancer... ? C'est quoi ça ?

La Tête: Justement. Si c'est juste toi qui mène le bal dans un premier échange, c'est voué à l'échec.

Philoslut said...

... Ta tête contient BEAUCOUP de sagesse :)