Monday, 12 July 2010

Shiny New Australia

I had no freaking idea the night would end this way. Even in my wildest dreams.

I invited myself over one of my friend's last night. He was bored downtown and I was bored at home. Why don't we have dinner at his new place? Hopped on a cab and away I went!

Making food, getting a tour of the new place and getting drunk, way drunk. A dear girlfriend of mine happens to have moved recently in his area, and I meant to introduce them for the longest time. Tonight seemed like the perfect time!

Well... food was nice, booze was a plenty and the air was super warm, so we decided to all hide in the only room with AC, the bedroom.

Long story short... there is absolutely nothing sexier than a naked plus size woman's body in the moonlight. With her in the bed with me, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Oh I'm sure my friend had a blast too, at one point he was eating her out while fingering me, too roughly, too intensely.

It's funny how I act in bed with girls: there is no play of dominance and submission at all. It's an all explore fest where I'm more than happy to dive in and lick her delicious flower while slowly fingering it. She was oh so tight and her moans where so soft and delicious.

I've come to wonder lately if I was truly bi or if I just didn't mind when a girl was in bed with me and another guy. Well, for all I cared tonight the guy could have got up and go out, I was having my girl on girl moment :)

Though he did had his 15 minutes of fame when we decided to blow him both at the same time. There is something about 2 mouths on the same cock at once that drives guys wild...


St├ęphane said...

It's not the two mouths thing, I'm pretty sure it's the fact of being able to see more than you can handle that drives the guy crazy.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

The best things in life are never planned as they say :)

Sexywave said...

No I'm pretty sure that having to ladies kissing your manhood is amazing enough. I would know what to do...

Anonymous said...

I would love to be the guy for this, it just sounds so hot. Two gorgeous women, and one HORNY guy. mmmhmmm