Friday, 30 July 2010


I only ever met one guy who could spank me until I cried cause it hurted very much.

Some guys are using their belt and I'm moaning, but not much more.

I'm a weak person, especially when it comes to upper body strenght, but I always have trouble conceiving that a guy cannot spank me on the verge of tears on his own.

I adore having sex with a Dominant guy who is into spanking a nice big firm ass. Watch his handprints turn bright red on my fair pale skin. Watch me cringe the next day when I sit on a rough surface, cause he knows I'm in pain because of him.


Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

It is hard to find someone compatible on that issue I must admit. A friend of mine got me into, for lack of a better expression, beating her but now she's started a new relationship. It took months for the violence to build and now I'm out of a partner. I feel your pain...

amigospanko said...

Very good post. Great way to express your feelings a girl who does not have buttocks of steel.