Saturday, 10 July 2010

The guys I'm (not) seeing

Well, my pool of partners evaporated under the scorching sun it seems.

I'm left with a handful of guys with whom I fool around but don't fuck. Went on a few unsuccessful dates in the past weeks, and the one stable fuckbuddy I had is letting me go in favor of the girl we had 3somes with.

At least I have plenty of eager phone sex buddies, two new ones this week :)

But fooling around and touching myself is nice, but I'm still looking for that one special cock to rock my world.

Or you know, 2-3. I like sharing.


poilaumenton said...

Given the choice, with the heatwave, I'd gladly take the phonesex only. IF I was a phonesex type. Anyways.

I'd say that there is a lots of place to get to know new cock to rock your world in the city. (Especially tonight...)

Philoslut said...

Not looking for random hook ups. If I was, I wouldnt be alone tonight.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

Sad outlook. A rarity in your posts. Don't despair, just see it as a buildup towards the "awesome evening" that's bound to be on the optimistic horizon.

poilaumenton said...

Random is at the first look. Good stories are always random (to me!). You just have to work them to make them something else then random after...