Saturday, 28 November 2009

Forced orgasms

I'm a bit moody lately.

Work is a bitch, my sex lif is going nowhere, my roommates are annoying... I'm just not in a great mood lately.

I decided that I needed a solid orgasm session to get me out of this moodyness. Since I decided against sex toy shopping last night (it was raining, I'm a wuss), I had to take matter into my own hands... litterally.

Even if I wasn't in the mood at all, I forced myself to have an orgasm. I watched some hot porn on redtube and I was teasing myself slowly by playing with my very sensitive nipples.

When my pussy was getting wet at the sigh of all these bleached bimbos being used as fuck toys and getting their tiny holes stretched by huge cocks, I moved to my bed.

I rubbed my clit, slowly at first, rougher in the end, while playing with my nipple intensely. It tooks me a few moments to reach a good spot because, as I said, I just wasn't in the mood.

I had to readjust my position cause I wasn't comfortable and my mind was wandering in every directions. I finally got focused and determined enough to get there.

The little moment BEFORE you are going to squirt, to come, to have a mind blowing orgasm are awesome.

My pussy was twitching so much I had to stop touching myself cause my whole body became hypersensitive.

It was so intense that I moaned in my pillow a good 5 minutes while my body was overcoming many wonderful orgasms. I woke up this morning and this is the last thing I remembered.

So how did you spend your friday night?

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