Friday, 20 November 2009

Cum in my mouth baby

My ex turned me into a swallower.

We had a pretty heavy D/s relationship and he loved nothing more than to make me feed on his cum, several times a day. It was pretty yummy too, so I happily obliged.

The guy I dated before him, for more than 5 years, used to be a smoker. I swear, swallowing a smoker's cum is terrible. Think about it before you lit up your next cancer stick guys. I rarely did him this favor because of that.

There a guy I hooked up with 2 years ago (Sharpie Boy, I should mention it more as it was truly the tiniest dick I've ever seen) who was a smoker too. Same problem, gross cum.

I miss the guy I was with when I was 18 (and my boobs were still perky enough I could go without a bra, aahhh to have 18 y.o. triple Ds again...). He was drinking iced tea all the time, and would snack on green apples like his life depended on it. Yummy, yummy cum.

I think I miss cum period...

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