Saturday, 14 November 2009

The last time

It's a bit ironic that I am still writing in this sex blog when I haven't had sex in so long.

So long that I actually stock counting now... has it been a month already? Off course I masturbated one or twice since, but still. I think my libido is on hold.

Even had a date with my ex this week and I wasn't really in the mood to suggest we finish this with handcuffs and whipped cream.

I'm hoping it's just the mix of moving out, breaking up and starting a new job within the same month that is pushing my libido so down lately.

Sometimes I think about my mother and her sexless marriage and how she must be so unhappy. I blame her bitterness and bitchyness on the lack of sex.

Hell, that could be why I'm slighty on the edge lately too. Even if I don't find myself desiring of sex in the past few weeks, doesn't mean my body doesn't need it.


BZero said...

Hope things improve for you! Have a good birthday weekend!

Alex said...

Want to play with handcuffs and whipped cream?