Friday, 30 May 2008


Naked body. Ours, others. In an unerotic environment. How do you feel about it?

My roommate was telling how uneasy she felt in a locker room, when people undress completely to change clothes or take a shower. She said she didn't have my openness about things like this to feel comfortable in that setting.

I somewhat surprised her in telling her I was very uncomfortable about nakedness in a public and non erotic setting. I too would feel very uneasy about people just stripping bare in front of me in a locker room. Heck, the other week at the gym I was feeling weird with all those girls down to their panties and bras around me.

Yet I am very comfortable being naked myself. Heck there is nothing more I liked best than walking around my boyfriend's house in the very early hours of the morning, completely naked, from the room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room, back to the bedroom. Ah, blessed times when his folks were out of the country... but I'm divaguing.

As I was saying, I am quite comfortable being naked, not in public, myself. Despite being unconvential, I'm quite comfortable with my skin and my body type: not to the point to be exhibisionit, I'm a pretty prude type of slut outside of the bedroom.

How do you feel about nakedness?


Anonymous said...

I love being naked and walking around my house, its just a nice feeling be able to be 'free' in a way, its natural. If clothes weren't invented, we would all be naked and there wouldn't be a big fuss about being shy or it being an unnatural thing.

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