Sunday, 8 June 2008

Best. Sex. Ever.

I'd lie if I say I didn't fucked men with a certain talent in bed, before my current boyfriend. I sorta got lucky in that sense that most of the guys I've fucked made sure I was enjoying myself tremendously before they allowed themselves to cover my face with cum.

I also believe we all lie a little when we told our lover that he's the best sex we ever had: we feel that way cause the intensity of the orgasm we just had sure is making all the others we had months, years, decades ago fade away.

But I also firmly believe I had the best sex of my life yesterday afternoon. Naughty dirty sweaty awesome sex. I wish I didn't cum like a freaking train each time the head of his cock rubs, accidently, on my anus, but I do: so imagine what anal sex is like for me. Now imagine what it's like when my nipples and clit are stimulated at the same time, and I'm being fingered on top of that. Could feel his fingers inside me feeling his cock in my ass.

I still pulse very madly when I think of it. Heck I had to masturbate twice last night cause that sex made me very hot and bothered all evening.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience, I've given the biggest orgasms to women while fucking them in the ass while pumping them vaginally with a vibrator.

the first few times, I actually stop for the woman was yelling and trashing around so much I feared hurting her. Then, as soon as I stopped, they kinda moaned "don't stop".

Well, OK, at your service! It was fun, but ambiguous. We discover things every time we have sex, I like to say....