Thursday, 8 May 2008

Splish Splash (Part 1)

I think I discovered that I could squirt when I was 16 or so. It was a one time event that happened when I was masturbating.

I remember being very uncomfortable after, convinced that I has peed on my bed. Otherwise, that orgasm felt very good and was noticeably stronger than the ones I had before. Still, it left me with a weird impression.

It was probably a few months after that, that I learned of the whole squirting phenomenon and I remember feeling a bit relieved knowing that I haven't actually wet with urine. Yet, those liquid orgasms only came back when I was 18.

I remember quire vividly masturbating in the bathroom of my ridiculously tiny appartment of the time, standing up with one foot on the toilet seat. When I started cuming, I felt some thick liquid slowly drip along my thighs and I felt wetter than I ever had been...

to be continued...

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Hotsmoothncreamy@hot said...

Seems like we both share an elastic mind. I went through all your works and they were quite stimulating. The fact that you are a squirter is really an attractive quality. I find nothing more arousing than having someone squirt all over me...I understand your ex's pleasure in it...there is something about watching a woman's body start to move right before the explosion occurs.