Thursday, 6 November 2008

Girl next door sex.

It occured to me, while reading some messages sent to me on a swingers' website, that I'm not very fancy, sex wise.

I don't like dressing up. Heck I don't even like wearing skirts. High heels and nylons are utterly uncomfortable and I don't care for matching bras and panties (I tend to go all black anyway). I barely have time to do my hair in the morning and I couldn't be bothered to do them before going to bed either.

I do dress up nicely for a date, but no frills and probably not super sexy (asides from the killer cleavage I do put on display).

So fantasies about meeting a stranger in an hotel room, when the guy specify for 5 lines what he's picturing me to wear, how sexy the knee high boots would be on my goddess feet and how the smoothness of silk gets blend in the softness of my skin... heeeeellll no.

No my cup of tea. I would probably indulge, for a very special occasion. Heck, I don't even wear thongs all that much!


Robby said...

You do sound like my kind of girl...I saw you on JALF and followed your hints..;) Too bad there's no way of seeing you...but you make a good point, you got me interrested just by your philosophy and way of thinking !

Good for you, you didnt need to show everything to peak my interest !

I guess it's 1-0 for you...for now !

Bonne nuit, sleep tight, au plaisir de se jaser un de ces 4...xoxox

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

BZero said...

Have a good birthday this week!

-- KinkyPriest from LiveJournal

philosophical slut said...

Thanks :D