Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sticky buns and dirty panties.

It was a couple of nights ago. We were in bed. He was horny, I was too tired to even endure being fucked. I told him, while pulling down my panties and facing away from him, to just masturbate and cum on my ass. It didn't took him a minute to let his sticky ooze slide down on my behind. I pulled up my panties and snuggled up to him, saying how I like to be used.


MrXRated30 said...

I think its time for you to spice up your sex life. Add another person in - male, female, whatever - you need inspiration and new material.

Is he aware of your blog?

philosophical slut said...

I feel the need to clarify: I wasn't tired of sex in general, I was just plain tired/exhausted that night. :)

We did add a girlfriend of mine in our decadent activities once in a while... and this one time I let them spend the night just the two of them while I slept in the guestroom.

I'm not tired of my sex life, I'm just tired! LOL

And yes, he's sitting right next to me as I'm writing this.

MrXRated30 said...

Have you ever shared him with another man?

CelebritySplat! said...

LOL When I was going through a bad-patch with the girl I was living with for the early part of my twenties, she used to roll over and pull up her top for me to splooge over her tits when she was too sleepy (read had a row). But I got wise to that and made an extra special effort to direct my stream up, up and into her hair. Normal service returned soon after. :-D