Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why I don't blog anymore...

... and other banalities.

Well, I never was a very good blogger anyway. I can never discipline myself to write at regular intervals or keep my readership interrested enough to come back for more and interact with me.

Am I closing? No. But I'll need a whole lot of motivation to get me going again.


Anonymous said...

But now's when it was getting interesting! More threesomes damnit :P

D said...

Hi N,

I am sorry to hear you don´t feel motivated anymore to keep on blogging.
It is been a while we don´t chat but since you let me know you had this blog I have been reading it very often. Also you previous blog. This more than two months with no new post have been long.

Unluckly I suffer from some erection troubles so I can only please my sex partner by fingering, oral sex and some very basic intercourse. Reading your blog and your adventures make me dream I will some day be able to have such an accomplished sex life as you have. You really have a good writing and make your stories interesting.
And let be sincere, I am sure I am not the only of your readers fantasising of being part of one of your stories.

I really hope you will find the encouragement you need to keep with this great blog.


philosophical slut said...

Thanks D. :) I miss our chats too.