Sunday, 29 June 2008


Dirty bedroom olympics... I was looking at the awesome Zumanity artbook The Boyfriend gave me the other day and it got me thinking about sex positions. I have a lot of favorites: doggy is a good classic. Easy to be spanked in that position, entices hair pulling and dirty talk right in my ear while giving me a good pounding from behind. And an slip in the wrong one is so constantly on the verge of happening with my ass up in the air like that...

Other than that, there's that position I don't really have a name for, so I'll have to describe it to you. Picture good ol' missionary, but with only one of the girl's leg up, resting on the shoulder of the guy, and she is slightly resting on her side instant of her back. The Boyfriend and I had sex a couple times in that position last week and it was awesome: he could play with my clit while I was teasing my nipples. At one time he slipped a couple fingers in my wet cunt while fucking my ass, he could feel his large cock through that flesh wall. Hot.

I tend to go cowgirl, regular or reverse, when I'm incredibly horny and wanna lead things a little. With me, that position is great for boobs lovers because they are definitely getting a faceful of my boobs if I'm riding them.

Curious Slut wants to know: what's your favorite sexual positions? And most important, why?

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Pop-Pop Kid said...

As you said, doggy-style is a classic and the one you described (one of girl's legs up on guy's shoulder...) is a personnal favorite of mine. I also like missionary having both her legs up on my shoulders while I bang away, or sometimes in that position I like to grab her by her arms and pump her forward and back. As for bjs I prefer them when she's on her back with her head tilting off the side of the bed.

I've got such a huge hardon now.

(great to see a bunch of new posts, keep it up)