Friday, 27 June 2008

Mood swings

Granted my libido is higher than the ones of the average woman, but it doesn't mean I wanna fuck twelve times a day either. Some days, yes, we can go at it 2 or 3 times, but that's not something I do seven days a week.

I do have days where I am simply not in the mood for sex. I could bore you here with monthly cycles, hormones and period explanation, but I won't.

Just cause I am not on the mood for fucking doesn't mean I don't think about sex at all.

Sometimes I do wish a nice back rub wouldnt rhyme with having a cock on my ass five minutes after.
Other time I mean it when I just wanna cuddle.

We all need a break from the things we enjoy once in a while to make sure we appreciate them even more when we have them.

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rackoczi said...

As surprising as it may look, it happens to Men too. Sometime you just want an hug or a sweet kiss...because you are too tired or confused for anything else ! Obviously, most of the time, you want crazy animal sex ! But even then sometimes an handjob is just great !