Saturday, 23 February 2008

Party time.

So I had about half a dozen friends over for a small party at my place last night. Drinks and desserts, and videogames (best way to get the guys to know each others apparently). And my BFF (that stands for Best Fuck Friend btw, hehe) was there. We had sex before people got here. Sure puts me in a great mood.

But during the half assed monopoly game we were playing around 11 pm, we just got up, left the others alone to fight over the few unaquired lands and went to fuck again. I don't really know why we have this amazing sex chemistry lately that means that we pretty much cannot be in each other's presence without fucking non stop, but we do. Something about the way his thick cock feels so awesome rubbing against my g-spot and makes me squirt, or stretches my little hole perfectly that makes me cum instanstantely, often non stop while he fucks it, and the incredible orgasm i get when his balls are emptied deep in my ass...

I usually spend the next 2 days after seeing him healing my orifices. I need to pay attention to the way I sit cause I'm so sore. And it's so very hot that I masturbate to those sex sessions at night.

Overall, I'm pretty happy in my life right now :)

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