Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dick sizes

Just by the title, I know I'll have 100% of the attention of my male readers :)

I was just browsing, a minute ago, a sex-dating website. Quite unfortunately, most men think it's interresting for us to see a pictures of their cock, in lieu of a picture of them, on their profile.

But I'll have to do a whole different entry on how most men profiles sucks on website like that: what I wanted to talk about was dick sizes.

This one profile I'm looking at right now, the guy has quite the impressive shlong, in length. He's sitting and fully erected, the thing goes way above is belly button. I'm guessing a 9 incher here. And he takes the time in his profile to mention how long and hard his cock is.

That's nice and all. But the thing cannot be thicker then 2 of my fingers together. And I have cute small fingers. So basically, fucking this guy would be like being fingered by a very freaky hand...

So does size matters? Yes. But not in length, as most men would think. Actually, I'll have to admit for having had lots of cocks up my cunt, that it does feel incredibly nicer when the cock is around 6 inches, but WIDE.

It's no secret I am partial to fisting: a vagina is something that can stretches a lot, so fill it up with something as thick as you can and I'll be an happy slut. An ex of mine had a cock roughly like that: around 6 inches, a bit narrow at the top but wider and wider as it got to the base. I feel like the term "plowing" really applied to his ravaging of my various orifices. Gawd, did I loved that man...

Off course, men have very little control when it comes to their dick size: that's not something we can work out at the gym when the size/girth/firmness is different then what we wanted. And I understand how this can translates in a lot of insecurity. But really, my message to you gentleman is look at your lover when you fuck her. If you see her squirm around to feel you fill her completely with your cock, if she just moans in genuine and arrousing extasy when you penetrated her, if she squirts when you are ravaging her... I think your dick size is just perfect. ;)


spleenal said...

I think that's my cock you're talking about what I tend to do with it though is fold it in half. this makes it twice as thick and adds extra strength. though it does hurt (me) a hell of a lot.

spleenal said...

that was a joke, but my dick does go up past my belly button.
i had it lowered especially for dating sites!