Saturday, 23 February 2008

Routine sex.

When you've been fucking the same guy for a long while, you sorta have a "routine" sex, eventually. Sex sessions that pretty much always follows the same pattern.

Well the current sex pattern I have pretty much involves missionnary, doggy, and anal sex. I don't think I could get tired of that any time soon :P

But still, sometimes I wonder if sex can really be all sparks and fireworks if you always do it the same way.

And then again, the way I had to wait until my bed dried up before going to sleep yesterday night is telling me that yes, that kind of sex is very satisfactory to my body :P

It's somewhat incredibly hot also how my ass just _wants_ to be fucked all the time. I think I overall like anal sex better then vaginal sex. Close enough anyway.

I reaaaally want a MMF threesome. I wanna feel stretched and filled and fuck like a real slut.I'm getting wet just thinking of it.

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