Thursday, 12 August 2010

Did you ever got caught?

That was an interesting question to get thrown my way while we were mutually masturbating each other.

"Did you ever got caught masturbating?"

I smiled. I had. Both in a sexy and unsexy anecdote.

And since, the question sprung some naughty fantasies of being caught.

May be by a stranger, in a public setting? May be by my lover, who then ravage me?

A mix of shame and arousal is slowly rising in me, being discovered. What are they going to do? Keep watching? Join in?

So many direction this fantasy can take...

Have YOU ever been caught masturbating?


SP4M: said...

I did... by my father when I was young... not sexy is it ? Hehe.

Philoslut said...

Did you told him "I can wash myself at the speed I want!" ?

SP4M: said...

It happenned when I was 17. I told him: "Like what you see ? If you don't, knock first when the door is closed."

I was pissed at first... only because you have to start over ahaha.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

Not really masturbation but got caught by a girl's dad as she was blowing me. The disturbing part? He stood there and watched our shocked and unmoving bodies until I pulled my pants up and asked him to leave. Gross...