Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sex and toys.

How often do you use sex toys, in your solo or duo pleasure?

As for me/us, quite rarely!

The problem with being a slut like I am, is that I gush like a fountain entirely too easily. Which also translates in my clit becoming over sensitive after just a little while. Once in a while, I want a little fantasy, or turn my boyfriend on, so I'll use a dildo on my cunt.

Other time, I feel naughty and I use toys on him. It's so hot the way anal beads make their way slowly in his tight ass.

And sometimes, when I'm extra horny, it's all out baby: silver bullet on my clit, gspot finder in my cooch and full buzzer vibrator up my ass.

Did I mention anything about squirting like a fountain?

1 comment:

BZero said...

I personally don't use toys often, but I do love when my girlfriends use them, especially before I'm fucking them as a warm up, and during to make them cum even more around my cock.