Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A cloud of the past.

Originally written in August of 2006.

I remember one day, as a joke, i BRUSHED my hand on His face, like a very slow motion slap. oh god...I'm lying off course. I did that roughly 11 times over the course of the day. And I remember giving Him the finger as well.

I remember cause He told me that's the finger who would be in my ass when we come home.I was actually very worried the whole subway ride back home with Him cause... i knew He was going to make me suffer for that VERY bratty attitude of mine. I was really out of control that day. He already told me that I was denied of orgasms for the next 5 days, just cause of the slaps.

Well as soon as we came in, He made me kneel to take out His shoes, as usual. When I was done, still kneeling, he leaned over to kiss me, gently, then He cupped my face in His hand and slapped me hard. He told me to get in my room, to undress and to wait for Him bend over in front of my bed.When He came into the room a few minutes after, He grabbed me by the hair, spun me around, made me kneel again and shoved His cock in my mouth. After a few minutes of sucking Him off, He ordered me back into the position I was in.He spanked my ass so hard it turned purple. I think the number of very hard spanks I got matched the number of slaps I gave him that day. He leaned to my ears and said I just re-gained the orgasms he took away from me for the next 5 days, but then He teased my pussy, who was dripping at that point, with His very hard cock. He hissed in my ear that I wasn't allowed to cum.

Then He started fucking me. Real hard.I guess you can't imagine the feeling of being fucked real hard and real good and having to concentrate on NOT cumming. quite disturbing. i was almost crying the whole time cause it was incredibly cruel. toward the end, He exited me, He pushed me on the bed and He laid next to me. He told me to suck Him off.

When He was about to cum, He pulled my head away from His cock by grabbing my hair. I had to watch Him cum on His stomach instead of swallowing Him. that was frankly the biggest punishment of them all.

the Man turned me into his cum-whore, what can I say? :$

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amigospanko said...

C'est très excitant, je vois que vous aimez la fessée! (I'm sorry, my english is so poor...)