Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Drifting into sleep.

When I started this blog, I was all like "yes, finally. I have so many good things to blog about, now I'll have an appropriate place to do so".

Thing is... I only think of good stuff to blog about when I put my head on my pillows and I'm about to drift away into sleep.

Each time I think to myself that I should get up and write down a line or two of my idea so I can remember and blog about it in the morning. But each time, the sweet whispered pleasure of a good night sleep is taking over, and there I go, for a few hours, into the world of Morpheus, craddled in the comfort of my awesome bed.

So there I am, once again, facing a blank page and trying to blog about something "hot". Cause I wanted this to be mainly a sex blog. I can leave the feelings and the life's uncertainities to my good ol' regular blog, I believe that's what he's for.

Recently a friend-with-benefit of mine was reading through an issue of Cosmopolitan that was laying around near my bed. He was reading to me some results from a recent sex survey they did. Turns out that according to them, women between 18 and 34 have sex 4,5 times a week average, when they have a guy.

An ideal amount of sex for me would be twice a day. But then again, that would probably involve me having not much else to do then to be on a stand-by all day to be ready to be used for sex whenever The Guy's mood strike (hot bdsm scenario right there).

But more realistically, once a day would still be doable. I mean it doesn't have to be an hour long session... sometimes a quickie is insanely hot... or a quick "take me from behind" in the morning shower... or a nice little fuck session right before drifting into sleep...

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