Friday, 6 November 2015

How to get away with major horniness

I'm watching "How to get away with murder". Watching? More like completely obsessed with it.  But there is a scene that got my flow going.

I have a mild crush on Frank. He's so... mysterious, handsome and beardy. And he's sleeping with one of the law student of his employer.

Anyway, the scene in question that got my juices flowing was something like this... he pins her against the wall and implies she came over for fast hard toe-curling sex those prep-school boys never gave her.

She dismissed him by laughing and claiming he thought too highly of himself.  He replied that he was just reading her body response to his presence: the goosebumps on her neck and how fast her heart beat was.

He then said something incredibly sexy, about how she only wanted him to kiss her, deep, slowly, having his tongue move down her neck, her chest, stomach until he was under the skirt she was wearing, then slide his fingers into her panties...

Blood rushed to my cheeks and to my genitals, responding to that scene just like the student, Laurel, was.

Damn that was hot...

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