Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Is orgasm denial a valid dom tool. If so, why does it work?

It's my opinion, as one, that a sub is much easier to control and dominate when denied orgasms.

Let's be honest, when we climax, the letdown we experience lowers one's enthusiasm to serve, to please, to submit. We're done, we had our fun.

And it's cumming a fundamental right? Live, breathe, cum? Being denied this, allowing someone to experience an orgasm, is truly an ultimate submission.

It says "I own you. You cum at my pleasure. Not yours".


strandedintoronto said...

If I am denying my partner her orgasm, it is more about trying to build more pleasure in her for it than control...but that's just me. I find much more pleasure comes from building and denying (even my own) before finally allowing for a much more powerful climax.


Anonymous said...

I just found out I'm a denial slut and I wasn't sure if this was pleasing or not. Thank you for clearing up I am being a good sub with this characteristic (which just came naturally, no pun intended).