Saturday, 8 May 2010

That was a weird week.

It truly was. It started off with a nice little BDSM-y sunday night. Then I had another guy ball-deep in my cunt Monday. After that I went for drinks at McLean's with a friend of mine and next thing I know we're at this place fondling each others in bed.

The last one I truly didn't expected. Heck, I was supposed to go home with another guy that night but he stood me up. I get the feeling my ego should be more affected than it is by that, but meh. Waking up in LaSalle was quite the mindfuck.

I ended up cancelling a date I had planned for Friday at St-Bock because I simply don't "feel it". Chemistry. What I had with the 3 guys I shared some naughty fun with earlier this week. If I don't feel that with someone from his voice on the phone, I'm not gonna have much fun on a date. It's always better to go with my gut feeling in those cases.

So this week thought me lots about myself. The first realization was that I could totally be a whore. I really don't have to have romantic feelings to share nighttime activities with a guy. I'm exactly the type of friend to give someone a sympathy blow job or a birthday fuck.

Also, I really love cum. When the guy cums like a firehose all over my face, I swallow a little and still more is coming out, I'm turned ON. And I do not ALWAYS squirt, the guy really have to know what he's going with me. Takes a while to get to know me: some have it faster than others.

Lastly, if you wanna feel loose down there, by all mean let 3 different guys fist you 3 nights in a row.

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