Monday, 3 May 2010

The state of being under the control of a force or influence or abstract power

I just wish I had more time to elaborate on this subject right now. I will, in due time.

Some games are very enjoyable to play with the right partner. And I definitely had one last night. We keep going in and out of the game, both being a bit rusty (or first timer) at it.

I forgot how enjoyable being controlled was. How extremely secure I feel in bondage, my wrists tied up tightly in a soft scarf.

I also forgot how nice it was to be stimulated by an eager (and competent!) mouth.

My ass is still glowing red as I'm speaking. A little spanking's nice, as an ex-supervisor of mine would say... And well, a lot of it is just so darn enjoyable!

I think he just enjoyed how it was making me gushing wet and at the end of the night, fingering almost became full on fisting. I'm still sore.

Giving my lovers the link to my blog is both a blessing and a curse. They can get turned on remotely by reading about the sex we had (or will be having). But they also get quite a unique window to my sexual soul: all my fantasies are laid out for them to read, to gain further knowledge about. Should I give this much power to people over me?


Dallan Invictus said...

Well, you seem to enjoy the results of giving them that power, so why not continue?

Philoslut said...

Power over yourself is always dangerous to give to someone else.

Any power, in the wrong hands, can be destructive instead of creative.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I abused the power you absently gave me. -C.

Philoslut said...

Indeed, you didn't. Prove yourself quite worthy of being trusted with it, actually.

But do you see how it could be dangerous in some less benevolent hands?

Dallan Invictus said...

Perhaps the danger is part of the appeal?

Oh, of course, there's reason to be careful, but you surely delight in the good results too much to trade them away. In the end, you have to trust your instincts in choosing the hands to lay that power in.

But I state the obvious, surely.