Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sex & U-haul trucks part II

You'll forgive my poor, poor memory. I do not remember all the details of this phone sex conversation we had. It was so late, I was so tired. Yet, I wanted to hear more.

More about his fantasies of me at his mercy. More about his desire to come and force himself on me. More about the perfect rape scenario. Coming over to take me out on a regular date (you know, those who don't end up with handcuffs and safewords).

Coming over and having to walk around the corner to his car, cause no one can ever find parking on my street. Number II reason why I don't have a car myself. Turning the corner and being led to a U-Haul truck. It'd be easy to acquire one, there's a rental office a stonethrow away from my appartment. It wouldn't look suspicious parked around the corner.

How would he get me inside, I don't know. I can be easily surprised and he's much taller and stronger than me. In fact, I can't remember the last time a guy made me feel tiny, petite and precious. I'm a big gal for fuck's sake. But I ramble. He'd get me in the truck pretty easily.

He could drive me out of the city. Somewhere where no one would hear me scream. Or in front of a ex's house. He could go and hand him the keys of the truck after he's done with me. Tied, bound, gagged in the back of the truck.

What does it says about me that I'm been thinking about this for 2 days?

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