Saturday, 15 May 2010


I never truly understood the concept of monogamy.

One of the earliest confusion about monogamy I can remember must have hapenned when I was 10 or 11. I had a crush on a boy and I asked him to be his girlfriend. He looked at me, very puzzled, and told me he already had a girlfriend.

He was puzzled you see cause his girlfriend was a good friend of mine at the time. I look at him, even more puzzled. "Why can't you have two?" I offered. I returned to my Archie comic, unable to understand why that cartoon guy could share his love and affection between a blonde Betty and a brunette Veronica, sometimes even a hot red head, and we couldn't.

Turns out monogamy is linked to jealousy and love somewhat. The first one is a human concept I'm not very knowledgeable in. See, I'm a slut. Men desire me, but they don't love me. I'm very comfortable with unrequited love. As long as I can love, I don't care much about not being loved back. Don't think for a minute that this is sad, I'm just broken that way. When I see my mate fuck another woman in front of me, I don't get jealous. I just stop loving him. Instantely.

Oh the love comes back after a while. But I don't get to the jealous stage. I experienced this strange sensation, the lovestop, a few times in my life. It's always interresting.

Whatever keeps me from running after my mate with his golf club, I guess?


Anonymous said...

I'm, I was going to say opposite but I'm not sure. I have no sense of jealousy and when I see my lover with another man it turns me on. I guess I am also a slut, but women only fall in love with me. I have several friends that women want to sleep with and leave it at that, of them I am jealous. Me, they sleep with and fall in love with, I think I have a 100% hit rate, it's depressing. It is also why I never pursue women, I would love to.
I also get told I shouldn't swear, not that people who are telling me this don't, or even have a problem with it, just that "I" shouldn't swear! It's weird.

SP4M: said...

L'Pénis: Who am I to say that it's not normal not to feel jealousy? I could say that it's only because you don't know me ha ha!

La Tête: What a dick... I would prefer to say that it's only a way of protecting yourself from getting hurt.

L'Coeur: It is possible that she simply doesn't feel jealousy anymore which may not be related to any defense mechanism.

SP4M: As I was saying, who am I to judge?

spleenal said...

I've been monogamous now for about fifteen years...

not entirely used to it yet.

Philoslut said...

SP4M: I love how your heart said "anymore". I never actually had this feeling, in the love sense. Sure, I can be green with envy is I see a girl on the street holding the purse I cannot afford, but in the love sense... No. I'm not a jealous person.

I was quite comfortable in a polyamourous relationship. I could be again. I do well (very well) in threesomes.

Does it turn me on to see my mate with another woman? Yes, somewhat.

And some of my exes got insanely turned on at the sight/thought of me with another man also.