Monday, 24 May 2010

It's on


I noticed I barely blogged about it at all.

I'm seeing a guy I like a lot.

But more importantly: I'm a sub again.

I feel more... dedicated to him than the previous guy I played with. Even if I am naturally submissive in bed, not all guys bring it out of me to the same level.

But him... I couldn't melt in a puddle on the floor if he asked me too.

And he's really into spanking. Intensely. I can't feel my butt for a couple of days when he leaves my place.

The way he holds me down and do whatever he wants with me is... enthralling. Captivating. I could look at him looking at me, at my reaction for hours.

I have an infinite trust in him also and let him blindfold and tie me up at his will. My body reacts very well to him. His voice makes me shivers, his touch makes me quivers, my whole body is at attention when we play. I find it very interresting.

I'm seriously having the "sexual" time of my life.

And we don't even fuck.

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