Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hardcore romance

For some reason, a pseudo-cybersex discussion with an old old friend on MSN last night got on the subject of romance novels.

Funnily enough, half the time those 10$ romance novels in depanneurs in the metro are effign hardcore.

I discovered this fact very pleasantly when I bought one cause I had a long bus ride, years ago and just found myself... placing my coat on my laps and be "inspired" by the book.

Heck I still remember "that one" I was reading.

"Poised atop the dark-haired beauty, Dominic Dragon of Pendragon pumped vigorously between his mistress's plump white thighs. Raising himself up on his elbows, he watched her face as she moaned and tossed her head in wild abandon."

How can I not enjoy this novel tremendously?

It's literary porn.


Dallan Invictus said...

I blame stealing my parents' romance novels at age ten for the lusty devil I am today, so I certainly agree with you here - even if most of them are terribly written, they can be pretty hot at times.

Philoslut said...

Oooh you just took me back further down memory lane. I'll have a part II to this post.

St├ęphane said...

That's the good stuff, hidden under cheez storylines and catchphrases.

No wonder sex seems so unsuprising when we have these wonderful filthy books laying around everywhere.