Monday, 22 February 2010

Visual Aid

I was trying to explain to my friend that men are arroused visually first. Again, the looks argument.

Most of my readers think they are clever when they find my MSN address and they ask me for a picture. Or two. Men are visually stimulated: they like to see, they like to watch.

With a blog devious of pictures, they have to imagine me, put images in their head of the words on the screen.

Women need a whole different kind of stimulation. Visual can get things started, but touch and smell are much more important. The brain is the biggest sex organ: in both genders.

We tend to smile, sometimes point and laugh, when guys have a picture of their cocks in their online dating profile (even if the website is intended for finding sex partners). Because that is seriously the less arrousing thing you can show, like a telemarketing cold call, to a woman.

And I won't even mention the headless abs shot in the bathroom mirror: this is just sad, really.


Shadow said...

You know, thanks for the confirmation.

I did wonder randomly one day why the hell other guys post those pics. Ultimately it won't help you if your a douchebag, after all.

Still, the 'need' to see, depends on the people I'd say. I kinda like making my imagination run while I read this blog myself! Although in general, I'd be inclined to think your right

(some people really bother finding your mail and asking for pics? Like, really? Shouldn't they go ask somewhere else where they can get a life or something. My 2 cents)

Philoslut said...


Fuser said...

OkCupid (which I believe you may be familiar with :P) ran a study recently on whether the abs shot work for guys... and it does; spectacularly. They're significantly more likely to get replies than guys with just face shots.

You can check out the results on their blog if you're interested.

It would be a better world if it wasn't true, but from their study it looks like women are just as visually stimulated as men are.

Dan said...

Yeah, interesting how you should say that. I was 'taught' many years ago by a great female lover that if I wanted to bed a woman remember her mind. We are both heading in the same direction, we just take different paths.
Good post

Philoslut said...

I feel the need to come back on this post, especially because of the okcupid findings.

So they are more likely to get a reply... but what is the reply saying?

The website doesn't register is the reply was a "go fuck yourself" or "oh wow your abs are so hot i must have you now" message; it just register a reply.

I strongly people you can come to any conclusion you want to with statistics. :)

Zee said...

I had a friend once, who got tons of positive replies on a dating side...
On his profile pic he was holding a dish brush.
Maybe some women like men who r active in the household too, instead of staying in the gym lifting weights... :)