Monday, 22 February 2010

Again, on dating versus sex

Again, on the subject of relationship versus sex.

I'd be more incline to date someone who isn't ideal to me, physically, if he's match all my other criteria.

Since I'm not looking for a partner but more for a lover, my criteria are pretty strict to meet. right now.

Strange, isn't it?

Then again, my criteria for a male lover might seem strange to most people. I'd love a slightly pudgy geek to cuddle.

They make the best lovers, really.


Anonymous said...

could be your man. pudgy and thick in the groin and muscle to squeeze.

Shadow said...

previous commenter was random...

anyway I can understand what you mean there. Sex and and actual relationships are based off totally different criteria for most people, although it doesn't mean that they can't both come together as one if the opportunity arise. And thank god for those who actually -have- some criteria, as opposed to those who can't comprehend the concept.

As a sidenote: kudos on the geek mention :)

Philoslut said...

You raised a valid point: it's good that people have criteria.

I've encounter some men who approached me for sex, and sex alone. One night stand type of deal.

When I turned them down, very nicely I must say, they would automatically go ballistic.

"You're so fat and ugly, what gives you the right to say no?!"

Well if *you* consider me fat and ugly, why did you ever talked to me? Sex is just sex they say...

I wonder if they ever went home with anybody.

As for me, I hold my "one night stand" to a higher physical beauty standard than my life partners...

If it's "just sex", might as feel be awesome, not "settling for the first fish who jumped in the net".