Sunday, 14 February 2010

About love and this holiday

Pretty much everyone I know have one of those 2 moods today:

- They are in a couple and happy so they are cheerful.
- They are single so they are bitter. Screw VD.

I like calling today VD because it sounds so much like Venerial Desease. I love seeing people cringe.

So this is a post about how I am not bitter that today's VD. I rarely been single on this holiday but funnily enough, I keep turning down dates this week.

I'm just really happy spending time with the person I love the most; myself.

Hey, I'm pretty good in bed and I always make me cum! I should marry me.


Shadow said...

Eh, I'm with you on this one, spending this day alone with meself also. Wouldn't mind company, but alone is just as fine also

Good riddance

Anonymous said...

As the above post illustrates, it's hard to spend "VD" alone and not sound bitter about it.

Shadow said...

What can I say, hard to not put emotions in a 3 line comment :D