Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wide open

Two nights ago, right around bedtime, I got horny. I ended up watching a little porn to get me started, then jumped in my bed to masturbate.

I was rubbing, and tweaking, and wetting, but I couldn't seem to reach a decent orgasm. I wanted a full blown squirting orgasm too. Then I realized that the only way I was gonna get it was by talking to myself, whispering dirty kinky things and calling me naughty names.

That came with my current fantasy: having my ass full of a thick cock and my pussy fisted at the same time. Boy, did that hot scenario got me going. I woke up the next day still sticky from all my juices running down my thighs.

And last night The Boyfriend did exactly that. While raping my tight whore ass, he shove the most of his fist in my cunt, sending me into a wave of awesome orgasms while he moans himself while filling me with his juicy load.

Nothing was more delicious this morning than to arouse him with my mouth while he was still asleep until he wakes up enough to fuck my slutty cunt again. And licking my pussy drips from his cock was so yummy I came while he filled my mouth with his cum.


PopPopKid said...

Morning BJs are aces!

Ever think of having another woman join in to your fun? Im sure your bf would love it.

philosophical slut said...

Yes, indeed he would. Even more so: so would I.

Pronto said...


Anonymous said...

I remember making out with this girl, after fisting, il was the wine bottle up her cunt, then she squirt like made inside and outside, like if you open bottle of champagne inside of her.

and of course, the morning she have riding me while i was sleeping.