Thursday, 28 August 2008

Pr0n and Lesbian sex

The Boyfriend was in bed early last night. I was up and bored, so I watched some porn. It arroused me to the point I went to wake him up to have crazy middle of the night sex. It was a video featuring a relatively well endowed male and 3 hottish females. At one point, one was laying on her back, spread eagle, and the other 2 were on top of her, on top of each other, doggy style. So the guy was fucking them all one after the other, a couple of thrust here, a good ball deep penetration there. Then he fucked their asses also.

Do you see why it got me horny? We didn't had anal last night thought. But I still love when my lover's thick cock owns my pussy and fill it with cum.

So that whole porn video really makes me wanna have a girlfriend. To play with us. And me.

And for some reason, last night I dreamed I was having lesbian sex. In my dream, I was pretty bad at eating pussy. Let's hope it's not the case!

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