Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tight grip and geisha balls

I walked most of the way from the metro to my boyfriend's place friday night. It's something like a 30 minutes walk. But I had a very good motivation. I always wanted to know how it feels to have geisha balls in my cunt for a couple of hours, while I go about my day normally.

Well, let me tell you, it feels great! So great that I tremendously enjoyed the metro ride and the short bus ride too. The vibrations from the metro made the metal balls inside rumbles and I was constantely moments away from orgasm. It was even more powerful in the bus, where the vibrations are sometimes loud enough on their own to arouse me: it was decupled with those balls filling my cunt.

Up to the point where the idea of walking to his place instead of waiting for the bus or calling a cab was very interresting... I even consider the idea of stuffing my cunt with the geisha balls every morning so I get the motivation to walk to the metro instead of lazily waiting for the bus.

When I finally took them out, they were covered in slick pussy juices. I almost wanted to put them back in when The Boyfriend was fucking my ass later that night.

I'm not sure what is the animalistic lust that makes me want him all the fucking time. It's such a primal need that I feel like a worthless whore for desiring his thick cock in all my holes, all the time.

There is something so awesome about the way he plunges deep in me and take me like he owns me.

And the way that he hugs me, in a tight grip, at night, makes me feel so wonderfully secure and owned, again. Especially this morning when he was spooning me, with his arms around my throat area. He noticed a change in my breathing and he asked in my ear if I liked it, as he was tightening his grip around my throat with his hand this time. I moaned that I was indeed enjoying this a lot. He told me to choke on his cock, making me feel the big bulge in his silky-like boxer.

I happily obliged.


Anonymous said...

I'm such the dirty anal slut that the mere fact the guy mentions he wanna fuck my ass and I just get hornier, and ready.

Hummmm cette phrase est un vrai turn-on !!! ;)


Anonymous said...

already have my girlfriend bear those balls for the day. only comment, she was ready by the end of the day

and inserting them in madame's cunt was quite a pleasure by itself


Anonymous said...

I want you in my bed!!! ;)