Thursday, 31 July 2008

Push my buttons...

Or tweak my nipples...

I happen to be blessed, or is it cursed?, with extremely sensitive nipples. A gifted lover can indeed arouse me to the verge of an orgasm should he pay enough attention to my juicy melons' buttons.

That comes as both a gift and a curse, I assure you. When I'm sitting at work and my nipples accidently rub against the edge of a desk or I'm holding something with too much texture against my chest, I can get aroused when this state is quite unwelcome.

On the other hand, right after an amazing orgasm, if my partner keeps playing with either my clit or my nipples, I can get the most awesome post-sex big Os. My breasts are sensitive to the point of sometimes, I simply tweak my nipples and this counts as masturbating cause I can squirt from that.

The problem with this, is I spent my days pretty much in a constant aroused state. Sometimes I'd be better of living as a sex slave to some rich and cruel man: he's have a fieldtrip playing with my nipples all day and keeping me all hot, wet and horny.


Pop Pop Kid said...

[evil grin]

I'd keep you constantly wet with nipples like those. Not to mention the myriad of other slutty things id have you do to yourself and that id have you do to me. Or that id do to you...or that id have you do to me.... So many possibilities I'm rock-hard just thinking of them all.

(BTW, what are the possibilities we could msn sometime?)

philosophical slut said...

I get wet so easily, it's not even a challenge with nipples sensitive like mine. Heck just feeling the breeze on them when I'm naked arouses me.

I'm not much of an MSN-er I'm afraid. :)