Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Jealousy turns up the heat

Jealousy can turns up the heat pretty quick in your life: for the best or for the worst.

Even if I was previously in an open relationship, where either partners gladly had sex with other people without much drama ensuing, the idea of my man being with another woman right now makes my blood curls. Up to the point where I'm religiously skimming through his text messages on his cell phone while he's in the shower, or browsing his weblogs while he's distracted with a videogame.

The funniest part is that he's perfectly aware I have that nasty unforgettable habit. Not like he can't actually complain too much: I did find some incriminating evidences. Not to the point of cheating, but still...

I read somewhere that the subconscient of a man will make him trust deeper when he's making love to his woman if he suspects her of being unfaithful. I did experienced some awesome sex with my ex when he was jealous I was getting considerable action on the side.

I'm not sure if women have a stereotype of reaction in face of cheating... asides from throwing clothes out of the window!

Sometimes the idea of being in a corner, to myself, while The Boyfriend would be seducing another lady in his bed strikes me as a very hot fantasy. A bit less when I actually picture jumping on the bed to claw the bitch's eyes out a moment after.

I'm very intense when I really care about something or someone: must be the red hair.


Pop Pop Kid said...

Oooh, another clue. Red Hair! Not for nothing but I always thought that you might be a blonde.

philosophical slut said...

I'd thought all the redhaired pin ups on my blog would have given it away :P