Friday, 11 July 2008

Couch and sidewalk

Funnily enough, the hotter my sex life is, the less time I have to come here and write about it. But I need to make a few exceptions sometimes, mainly about yesterday evening.

We were at some relatives of mine and they had to excuse themselves from their appartment for about 20 minutes. As soon as they were gone, The Boyfriend and I were all over each other. One thing very quickly lead to another, I dropped my capris and panties and bend over the couch while he was rubbing his cock between my thighs, near my pussy. We had a quick, intense fuck, right there, standing/bending behind the couch.

His cock was probably the hardest I had ever seen. The patio door was wide open and we were at ground level. Anyone walking on the sidewalk at that moment would have seen me taking it from behind like a cheap whore.

The lube created by my slutty pussy and the angle made it perfect for his cock to enter my ass a few moments after that. I had a very powerful orgasm right there, in the living room, in front of the wide open door.

The hottest part was still to come: immediately after I dropped to my knee and took his very stiff member in my eager mouth and licked it until I was rewarded with his yummy, yummy cum.

That all in itself must have taken 10 minutes. 10 intense and hot, hot minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Je suis beauxyeuxverts33 au courriel le plus chaud. ;-)